Cancellation of

GST Registration

Cancel GST within 2 working days

₹ 3,000/- (Professional Fees) (DISCOUNT CODE APPLIED: GET50OFF) ₹ 1500/- Only The above price is inclusive of all.
Extra cost for DSC Class III in case of Companies and LLP.
One resubmission of form in case of any query by the Department.
Filing of GSTR 10 Final Return is not part of this package.

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    About this Plan

    Who should buy this package?

    • Closure of business/Discontinuance of business
    • Taxable person ceases to be liable to pay tax
    • Change in constitution of business leading to change in PAN
    • Registered voluntarily, but no business started within the specified time
    • Taxable person no longer liable to be registered under GST Act

    What services are offered under this package?

    • 20 minutes call on the complete basics of GST and its applicability
    • Filing application GST REG-16
    • Filing reply for SCN (if issued by the department)
    • Receipt of order of cancellation

    What details and documents are required?

    • The documents needed shall depend on the reason for cancellation of GST registration
    • The same shall be communicated to you by our experts based on your requirements

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can request for cancellation of the GST registration?

    The following can request the cancellation of the GST registration:
    a) Existing Taxpayer.
    b) Migrated Taxpayer whose application for enrolment has been approved.
    c) Migrated Taxpayer who has not filed any other form after filing of application for enrolment.

    Who all cannot file for cancellation of GST registration?

    An application for cancellation of registration cannot be made if:
    1) Persons registered as Tax Deductors / Tax Collectors.
    2) Persons to whom UIN has been allotted.

    How long does the taxpayer have to apply for cancellation of the GST registration?

    Within 30 days from the date from which the registration can be canceled in the event of a voluntary cancellation.

    Is there any limitation on filing for GST registration by Taxpayers who had registered voluntarily?

    If a taxpayer has made a voluntary registration in the GST regime, he cannot make an application to cancel the registration before one year has passed.

    What is the prerequisite for deleting the GST registration in the event of a merger/amalgamation/change in the business constitution?

    In the event of a merger / amalgamation / change in the business constitution, the new company (i.e. the acquiring company) must be registered with the tax authority and have a valid GSTIN at the time the old merged company submits the application for cancellation of the GST registration.