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₹ 4,000/- (All Inclusive) (DISCOUNT CODE APPLIED: GET50OFF) ₹ 2000/- Only The above price is inclusive of all.
The registration is valid for 5 years.
One resubmission of form in case of any query by the Department.

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    About this Plan

    Who should buy this package?

    • Any Food Business with an annual turnover of not more than Rs. 12 lakh
    • Small retailer dealing in food products
    • Any person who manufactures or sells any food products
    • Food sale is done by the temporary stall holder
    • Online sellers of food products
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    What services offered under this package?

    • 20 minutes call on the complete basics of FSSAI and its applicability
    • New/Renew FSSAI Registration
    • Update FSSAI Registration
    • Cancel FSSAI Registration
    • Filing form with FOSCOS
    • Payment of government fees
    • Receipt of FSSAI certificate

    What details and documents are required?

    In case of Proprietorship (Sole Owner)
    • Photo of Proprietor
    • PAN & Aadhaar Card of Proprietor
    • The Electricity Bill or Municipal Tax Receipt for registered address
    • List of the food products
    In case of Company / LLP / Partnership Firm
    • Photo of all Directors / Partners
    • PAN & Aadhaar Card of all Directors / Partners
    • Incorporation Certificate/Partnership or LLP Deed
    • PAN Card of Company / LLP / Partnership Firm
    • Letter of the authority
    • The Electricity Bill or Municipal Tax Receipt for registered address
    • List of food products

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who requires a Food License?

    If your business falls into one of the categories below, a food license is mandatory for you:
    Procurement, Manufacture, Distribution, Processing, Packaging, Storage, Wholesaler, Retailers, Hotels, Restaurants, Food chains, Food sellers and resellers, Dairy and dairy processing, Food importers and exporters, Canteens in corporations, schools, colleges, hospitals or government institutions, Packaged food manufacturers who produce which are ready to eat products.

    If I have two outlets in the same city, do I need a separate FSSAI registration?

    Yes, The FSSAI license is always location-specific. If you have multiple business locations, you must apply for separate registration for each location.

    Do I need an FSSAI license for the import of food items to sell in India?

    Yes, you need FSSAI Central License. Contact us for FSSAI Central License.

    Is there a validity period for the license?

    The FSSAI License is issued with a validity of one to five years. The FSSAI Basic Registration must be renewed within 30 days prior to the expiration of the original license.

    Information Guide

    FSSAI Registration / Food License

    The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of India establishes FSSAI under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006, a consolidating law on food safety and regulation in India. FSSAI registration is mandatory for all food businesses like manufacturers, stockists, distributors, retailers, restaurants, small restaurants, grocery stores, importers, exporters, dairy farms, processors, cafeterias, or any food business. Businesses must receive a 14-digit registration number or a food license number that has got to be printed on food packaging or displayed on the premises.


    On-premises of the business, it is mandatory to affix an FSSAI Certificate. Also, it is the owner's responsibility to inform FSSAI authorities of the changes and modifications that the company makes in the food business.


    The license must renew within 30 days from the expiry date. Fine of 100 rupees per day until the renewal is not complete, or it may also get lapsed if not applied in stipulated time. After cancellation, the company may apply for a new license.


    The validity of the FSSAI registration varies between 1 and 5 years.