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Letter of Undertaking

Get LUT Acknowledgement within 2 working hours

₹ 3,000/- (Professional Fees) (DISCOUNT CODE APPLIED: GET50OFF) ₹ 1500/- Only The above price is inclusive of all.
Extra cost for DSC Class III in case of Companies and LLP.

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    About this Plan

    Who should buy this package?

    • Any business wants to export goods without payment of IGST
    • Any business wants to export service without payment of IGST

    What services are offered under this package?

    • 20 minutes call on the complete basics of GST LUT and its applicability
    • Filing form GST RFD 11
    • Receipt of GST LUT acknowledgment
    • Assistance on post LUT registration

    What details and documents are required?

    • Basic details of supply of goods / services
    • 2 witnesses with name and address

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    "If you find that this plan is not for you, I can customize a plan for you."

    Feel free to contact me and let me know your concern. PapelWork will charge you according to your requirements.

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    Apply for LUT and export sales with zero rate! #lutregistration #gst

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who has to furnish a LUT (Letter of Undertaking)?

    Any registered person who wants to export supply of goods or services without payment of integrated tax must submit a bond or letter of undertaking (LUT) prior to export.

    What if I already furnished a LUT and got approval too?

    If a taxpayer has a LUT that was manually furnished and got approval by the Tax Authority for the current financial year, then you can upload that LUT and submit this application online to receive online approval.

    Who has to sign the application?

    Any authorized signatory must sign and submit with DSC / EVC.