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₹ 10,000/- (Professional Fees) (DISCOUNT CODE APPLIED: GET70OFF) ₹ 3000/- Only The above price is inclusive of all.
The service is currently only available in Maharashtra.
One resubmission of form in case of any query by the Department.

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    About this Plan

    Who should buy this package?

    • Any business having an employees 20 or more than 20

    What services offered under this package?

    • 20 minutes call on the complete basics of PF and its applicability
    • Filing application with EPF
    • Receipt of EPF allotment Letter
    • Guidance on EPF compliances

    What details and documents are required?

    In case of Proprietorship (Sole Owner)
    • Photo of Proprietor
    • PAN & Aadhaar Card of Proprietor
    • The Electricity Bill or Municipal Tax Receipt for registered address
    • NOC (if the owner of the property is a related person)
    • Rent agreement (in all other cases)
    In case of Company / LLP / Partnership Firm
    • Photo of all Directors / Partners
    • PAN & Aadhaar Card of all Directors / Partners
    • Incorporation Certificate/Partnership or LLP Deed
    • PAN Card of Company / LLP / Partnership Firm
    • Letter of Authorization to sign all documents
    • DSC Class 3 of Authorized Person
    • The Electricity Bill or Municipal Tax Receipt for registered address
    • NOC (if the owner of the property is a related person)
    • Rent agreement (in all other cases)

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    "If you find that this plan is not for you, I can customize a plan for you."

    Feel free to contact me and let me know your concern. PapelWork will charge you according to your requirements.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who needs to register with the Employees Provident Fund?

    Every company, be it a government office, a public or a private company with 20 or more employees, must register with the EPF. The application must be made within 30 days of reaching 20 employees.

    Do I need to visit EPF office at the time of registration?

    No, you don’t have to visit PF office. The entire procedure will be handled by our experts.

    How much time does it takes for registration process?

    The whole process takes 7 working days. Depending on the workload with the government department, the process may take longer. Make sure you have the necessary documents ready so that we can complete the whole process in the shortest possible time.

    Are all employees counted when calculating the limit of 20 employees?

    The limit of 20 includes all permanent, semi-permanent and other contract employees such as housekeeping, security or other contract workers in the company.

    What is the contribution rate to the Provident fund & pension scheme?

    Registered employers need to deposit 12% of the basic salary of each eligible employee in provident fund account

    Eligible employee needs to contribute in total 12% of his basic salary being 3.67% to provident fund and 8.33% in Pension scheme.